Monday, October 10, 2011

Why I Write by George Orwell

While reading George Orwell's piece, I felt a connection. Although I don't have enough interest in writing to make it a career if mine, I do enjoy writing with the little spare time I now have. I shared George Orwell's early ambition because I too enjoyed writing and at one point, I thought I may become a writer. I consider myself to be a decent writer with one struggle; my punctuation skills. Regardless, I had an immediate connection to Orwell in the opening paragraph.

Throughout elementary school, I was shy. I would have even considered myself a little awkward. I had plenty of friends in my neighborhood, but very few friends at school. I wasn't able to "come out of my shell" until after I moved to Allen Park. I don't feel my childhood was as lonely as Orwell's, but there were times in my early childhood where I could relate to him.

I chose to publish my reaction to George Orwell's writing instead of Myers' or William's because I shared a personal connection with this piece.

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