Thursday, November 17, 2011

Line Of Events - Seven Deadly Sins

NOTE: I did not know how to write a series of events based on Corey's argument on whether or not the Seven Deadly Sins were valid. Instead, I took all of the biographical information provided by Corey Taylor in this novel and illustrated a chain of events that lead to the book's production.

1.) Corey Taylor is homeless in Florida for a few years as a child. He learns to appreciate the important things in life as his family struggles to get by.

2.) At the age of 10, Corey Taylor moves back to Iowa, to a town called Waterloo. Living in a trailer park, Taylor is exposed to more than most kids could possibly handle.

3.) Corey Taylor is introduced to metal music by his only friend at the time. This slowly develops over time into Corey's future career.

4.) Corey Taylor is left for dead in a dumpster by his "friends" after overdosing on cocaine at 15 years old. He slowly realizes what a mess he has become, but makes no effort to get clean.

5.) Corey Taylor forms the band Stone Sour in Des Moines, who eventually break up when he moves to Colorado. After Taylor returns from Colorado months later, Stone Sour is reformed.

6.) Corey Taylor's inspiration for writing a book on the Seven Deadly Sins begins when he partakes in several vulgar events at a party at the age of 22. Corey claims that he committed all 7 of the deadly sins that night, which started his recognition towards them.

7.) Corey Taylor joins Slipknot. Slipknot becomes a huge success.

8.) Corey Taylor is introduced to his future wife by a few close friends. He starts his family with her. Taylor slows down his rockstar life.

9.) Paul Gray, the bassist and songwriter of Slipknot, dies in 2010. Corey is devastated and takes a break from everything. Corey even contemplates quitting Slipknot. He later decides to stick with both bands.

10.) While writing and recording Audio Secrecy with Stone Sour, Corey Taylor is approached and encouraged to write a book. Taylor immediately begins writing based off of everything that has happened to him. The book is finished in less than a month.

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