Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Summary of Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins starts with Corey Taylor's perception of what is going on in the real world. He slams celebrities and celebrity wannabes as well as the literary world. He provides reasoning for why he felt obligated to write this book, even though he explains that he has little faith that anyone will actually read it. The first chapter includes the beginning of many of Corey Taylor's stories; an unforgettable night when Corey lived all seven of the deadly sins. After a detailed explanation of the occurrences of that night, Corey Taylor proceeds to denounce the seven deadly sins, explaining that we are all human and that we all deserve a get out of jail free card every once in a while. The idea of committing a sin should be so much more unbearable than it is now, but in the world of the seven deadly sins, taking the last slice of pizza at a family gathering is just as negative as drowning your kids in a moment of frustration. This is not true at all, and this is the concept that Taylor tries to point out in his novel from the first chapter and onward.
The second chapter of the book is dedicated entirely to cardinal sin wrath. In this chapter, Corey Taylor tries to explain that everyone gets angry. We have all wished death upon a complete stranger because he was driving slowly in front of us while we were in a hurry, or someone who is taking too long staring at fast food menu while you are trying to patiently wait your turn. Everyone gets angry, and that is what makes us human. To think anything else would be completely ridiculous.
In the third chapter of the book, Taylor speaks about lust. Above any other chapter in this book, this is the chapter that is least appropriate for anyone in the classroom. Lust is probably the only sin that we can all identify with one single action, and Taylor talks about that quite a bit in this chapter. Again, he makes the point that this is a part of our lives that we should not feel insecure about beause it's one of the seven "ingredients" that make us who we are.
Corey Taylor proceeds to talk about pride in the fourth chapter and his innumerable personal experiences encountering it. In the fifth chapter, Corey Taylor explains that we are all lazy, but that is no reason to feel guilty. Everybody deserves  personal day, maybe even a personal week.
In the sixth chapter, Corey explains everything that he went through as a teenager, and I can't help but wonder how he survived. Anyone else that reads the book will know exactly what I'm talking about.
In the 7th chapter, Taylor talks about envy. Although it's ugly, envy is natural. We shouldn't try to hide the fact that we are all jealous of eachother in some way.Taylor talks about all of the rockstars that he is jealous of as examples. In chapter 8, Corey talks about greed. This is something that affects all of us from a young age and never goes away. Chapter 9 is dedicated to gluttony and how weak of a sin it really is.
Chapter 10 provides us with Corey Taylor's list of what the Seven Deadly Sins really are. The final chapter holds almost no relevance to the rest of the book, but there is a definite shock factor.

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